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Adaptable to all growing conditions
. Very good resistance to
over-ripening. Compactness and plant density
ensure high yields

Glossary of diseases

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Comment VOLTZ Maraîchage sélectionne ses semences ?

How does VOLTZ Maraîchage select its seeds?

Driven by a passion for the product, our team is constantly listening to market developments, trends and, above all, emerging needs in the field. Our employees search the world over for the most promising innovations and the best varieties of the moment.

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Good resistance to cold. Very high yield. Elongated leaf The height is 5 to 15 cm. The use is fresh. The type of cultivation is full field covered.

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Lamb's lettuce variety Baval is a large-seeded variety. Long, broad leaves, suitable for leaf lettuce production.

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Tray, tray, 4th range


Tray, tray, 4th range

Fast growth in cold conditions. Very strong green leaf, easy to use. Use in trays, tubs, 4th range.

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The reference for summer productions. Variety for summer production under multi-chapels and nets. Ability to rise at high temperatures. High yields even in difficult conditions. Rustic lamb's lettuce, thick, embossed and dark-coloured leaves. Destination: fresh and 4th range. Height is 5 to 15 cm. The use is fresh. The variety is seasonal. The type of crop is full field covered.

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Tray, tray


Tray, tray

Lamb's lettuce VIT it grows very fast and keeps
VIT is a variety of lamb's lettuce with an oval leaf. It has a very fast growing cycle. And we appreciate its very good post-harvest performance.

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